This week I am testing the Polar FT1, a heartrate watch that is sold through retailers in the Netherlands for €50,-. Curious about the functionalities and wondering what you can buy for €50,- I decided to give it a try.
The watch makes use of one single button to control its menu and offers you time & date, heartrate monitoring and heartzones. It’s easy to install and if you have ever used a heartrate watch before you can use it immediatly.
So far so good. But when you start training you run into the first limitations. It’s difficult to set your heartzones and you can only set 1 zone.
As second feature that is missing is the possibility to watch the time or set a timer, while monitoring your heartrate. The only option you have is to stop the heartmonitor while exercising if want to see how long your are training.
But the feature that is missing is a timer / stopwatch…


In general the watch is a nice gimmick and it does what watches need to do: tell you the time. But as watch to monitor your heartrate while training it lacks to many features to be taken serious.