How to Build an Athlete

Enlight the fire – shoes are back on!

First training of a very special new season….

Second vacation week..

Recovering can be so boring and good at the same time!

Life is not a bucketlist but an ironman is a must do

So there was no morning sun, heating up the vibrant atmosphere in the Maastricht Transition Zone. There was none of the bad preparation that defined Caella’s race and there were less nerves that had defined the swimming course of my… Continue Reading →

It’s the final count down!

damn – yeah! Bring it on – spend some time in the pool to distract myself a bit.

To intense on Saturday

Saturdays trainingsession were great but resulted in a lack of Energy on Sunday. Slept most of the day!

Iron prep on location

90k cycling – half marathon running with Bassie and Erik!

Starting practise – two weeks ago

We are training to swim in pairs, behind each other, and how to start in a narrow space.

Weekend training 

3x (1.5 hour, cycling – 0.5 hour, running)    

It’s such a day…!

4h easy cycling and 1.15 easy Swimming in open water.    

Last Miles to Maastricht

Today 45k cycling and 1hour swimming. 

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